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Luxury Italian Handbags

Complete your look with our collection of luxury women’s leather handbags! Crafted from long-lasting Italian leather our designer handbags stand out with their eye-catching contemporary silhouettes and versatile styling. From classic tote bags to the very trendy bucket bags, or charming satchels, our selection of bags wears the well-known signature of Sergio Cerutti Romma, and are ideal for any occasion. Shop from limited-edition designs, structural shapes, fold-over flap styles, 9 to 5 styles, or flamboyant multicoloured lines.  

Whether you’re looking for a practical, classic, black office bag or a perfect weekend-away rainbow bag, or maybe, an essential red shopper bag for everyday styling, we have the ideal statement Cerruti handbag to lend an air of sophistication to any outfit. Invest in a designer bag that will stand the test of time and give your wardrobe the ultimate luxury finish. Choose Italian bags exclusively at Mary Shoes for a minimal effort and maximum outfit impact.  

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