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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Having so many huge decisions ahead of you can make planning a wedding stressful. However, there is one area of the wedding that we can help make a lot easier for you, and that is picking the perfect wedding shoes!

Choose your shoes wisely

Your shoes are the second most important part of your bridal outfit, coming up just behind your dress, which understandably takes precedence over everything else. After all, they complete the entire look and can even become a sentimental item you keep for years afterwards to remind you of your special day.

Therefore, choosing the right pair of shoes is a decision that requires plenty of thought and consideration. However, with our top tips and handy recommendations, you will find the perfect pair of shoes in no time at all.

Type of shoe

Just like there are different styles of dresses on offer, there are numerous types of wedding shoes to choose between, from stilettos to flats. That’s right! You don’t have to wear heels if you don’t want to. You could opt for some gorgeous Italian-made flat sandals with crystal embellishment to feel one in a million.

However, if you are keen to wear a pair of heels, you could choose between open toe slingback shoes, platform shoes, and laser-cut high heels, all in varying heights.


Who said a wedding had to be white? While a traditional wedding usually sees the bride wearing a white dress, many people are now opting to wear whatever colour they desire! Blue, blush pink, purple, red, and green are all popular choices for wedding dresses nowadays, and the great thing is, you can match up your dress with the colour of your shoe really well. We stock wedding shoes in all sorts of colours, any colour you can think of, in fact, so you can find the perfect shoes in the same shade as the dress you have fallen in love with, even if it is turquoise green!

Shoes that suit your dress

Finding shoes that match your dress doesn’t just refer to the colour. If your dress shows off your ankles, and therefore, your shoes, then why not let the laser-cut design and slimline strap of our high heels flatter your foot even more. Or if your dress features a number of embellishments, carry on the style through your shoes and opt for a pair that has one or more crystals attached.

Even if you have a floor-length dress, don’t think your shoe style doesn’t matter. It can make you feel elegant and beautiful as you dance, take pictures, and stand at the altar.


You need shoes that not only match well with the style, shape, and colour of your dress, but you also need shoes that are going to be comfortable for you and make you feel amazing. This is why the height of the heel is vital to get right. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a 4.5-inch heel, then don’t! We stock a variety of low-heels and flats, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to walk around in heels. However, if you love nothing more than strapping on a pair of stilettos or slingbacks and strutting about, then our range of high-heels is just waiting for you to explore.

Stand out even more in your own wedding by choosing a stunning pair of wedding shoes from our collection, and you can be certain that you feel and look like the glamourous bride you dreamed you would be.


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