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Not Another Pair of Shoes

Mary Shoes is proud to announce the hosting of a first Petra Aertzen art show in London. The free exhibition opens on 9th August and it invites people to discover exclusive ceramic shoes inspired by every day stories and nature.

Born in a family of cobblers, Petra was fascinated by the amazing shoes surrounding her, so she decided to make shoes herself...’not shoes to wear but to tell a story with them’. All her shoes are made with clay and colorful glazes, telling a story of love, loneliness or even hate.

Real size ceramic shoes art show
Petra Aertzen ceramic shoes exhibition @ Mary Shoes London

Mary Shoes

16 Wentworth Street, London, E1 7TF

9th August – 9th September, Free Admission

Monday to Friday: 10.00am – 5.30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 11.00am to 4.00p

Petra Aertzen

Recent exhibitions:

Art Fair, Mechelen, Belgium (September 2016)

Papo, Putte, Belgium (February 2018)

New Footprints, Putte (at Tamara Ingels), Belgium (May 2019)


Gallery M, Mechelen, Belgium (2016-2018)

Gallery Artisann, Knokke, Belgium (2017-2018)

Gallery Anita Ammerlaan, Roosendaal, Netherlands (2019)

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